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          Beautiful China - health Gao Yong

          Key words: hot / postpartum abdomen belt / elastic bandage / gauze mask / dressing

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          Siyang Gao Yong medical supplies Co., Ltd. specializes in producing elastic bandages and other medical dressings. The company is committed to producing and processing medical instruments such as elastic bandage, postpartum abdominal belt, gauze, mask and so on. The products are exported to Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries. The quality accords with the relevant national and international standards, and the quality and service of the products have been affirmed and praised by foreign businessmen.The company has about 50 employees and 14 professional and technical personnel, the total area of the company is 3500 square, the laboratory is 30 square, the production workshop is 1200 square, and the warehouse is 300 square. The main production of medical equipment and other products. The corresponding production equipment, testing instruments, storage and pipe equipment are all available, which meet the requirements of medical device production, acceptance, storage and so on.

              Tell:+86 0527-85872558
               Fax: +86 0527-85872558
               Phone:+86 139 1503 9607
               Mail:  jsweiyao@163.com
               web: www.sqgaoyong.com
               Address: No. 16, development avenue, Siyang Town, all people's business park.

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